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Agile Engineering and Manufacturing was formed in 2003 as a part time business for the previous partnership. They operated from a small outbuilding outside of the previous ownerships home. 


By 2005 the partners left their employment to dedicate themselves full-time to Agile.  By the end of the year they had outgrown the outbuilding and moved to a 7000sf industrial space in Downtown Indianapolis.



Between 2005 and 2012 Agile continued to grow and with the help of some additional customers they outgrew the 7000sf space and moved into the 25,000sf that we currently occupy. 


In January of 2020 Certa Craft Inc. purchased Agile Engineering from the previous owners as part of their succession plan for the future of the company they built. Certa Craft ownership is commited to continuing the legacy that was built at Agile and to making investments necessary to continue growing the company. 


Agile Engineering and Manufacturing is a leading supplier of Machined and Fabricated Details serving the Aerospace, Defense, and Energy industries.  

Our Services Include:

  • CNC Milling - Part sizes up to 64" x 50"

  • CNC Turning - Diameters up to 30" and lengths up to 60"

  • Welding - Certified to AWS-D17.1 for a range of alloys

  • EDM - Wire EDM and Hole Popper 

  • Inspection - CMM parts up to 60" x 48", Optical comparator w/ DRO measuring system

  • Special Processes - Plating, Painting, heat treating, special coatings etc....

  • CAD/CAM Design - Siemens NX software for all design and programming

Agile Engineering holds several Process Certifications and PAR's for various processes including:

  • Chrome Carbide spray

  • HVOF Spray

  • EDM machining of Fuel system components

  • Fusion Welding of Fuel system components 

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